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A distinguished personality in the field of jyotish, occult , spiritual philosophy, vedanta, from modern age life sciences and health physics to metaphysics a complete one man show .Never set any Organisation or ashram , never gone into poor publicity . Punitji is interested in promoting vedic sciences which were lost due to mughal, english invadations .Now-a days People are interested in competitions, which makes body and mind disturbance leading to tension which is harmful to health .To get complete Mental Bliss we have to undertake the shelter of spritualism. Our mantra is save cow, save nature, save our vedic culture, save humanity, save ganga, save health ,learn vedic sciences and make india a developed complete civilized country having its own heritage and image
A great hinduism promoter and occult guru as well as reknowned forensic astrologer from india explained first time the real concept of yantric healing in connection with indology . This guru besides an occultist - a revered astro master runs famous bhagyachakra jyotish centre in india acharya punitji is a designated personality in the field of spritual activities including jyotish, vastu, palmistry, healing ,psychic,trans meditation, remedial astrology,etc etc.
acharyaji's honours; jyotish martand, vishva hastrekha visharad.
writings published in express star teller, life positive , journal of astrology , spiritual times and many more 
our motto - Belief.
Our main aim is to establish a spiritual awakening among the mass.Besides This we are not concerned with any of the black magic practices we are solely devoted to the almighty God and are preachers of vedic knowledge .Any body spiritual seeker can join us one who is genuine.We welcome all viewers comments and the ones who wants to link with us. We guide, will teach and show them a path to enlighten yourselves with divine powers situated in higher dimentions with the help of tantra ,mantra and yantras.

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