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Our main belief is to serve entirely for the welfare of humanism and occult sciences. We mould these sciences to attain a stage of supreme divinity for the betterment of mankind and whole universe. We analyse horoscope by ancient vedic system of predictions including parashar hora, jaimini sutram, tazik shashtra, brighu nadi,ashtakvarg paddhati, Horary system of astrology, k.p system, auspicious muhurta, mundane astrology, and we do suggest remedies with the help of tantra, mantra and yantra along with rudraksha, gems , malas, prayers, fire rituals. and lal kitab remedies . Our remedies are 100% effective if you are dedicated to it then they definite give overwhelming positive results it is solely depent on your commitment towards remedies. Consider this website as God's official web address and send prayers for you/ your loving ones we immediately submit it to god's feet so you may receive immediate healing and pray for your wellness prosperity and good health. Every day we receive more than 350 mail request for prayer submission . We say thanks from bottom of our heart to all our fans for this type of your kind response to this website and your love towards god. We hope that your affection will always remain with us.

Astrology has been an important part of many a non-Christian religion. Certainly the Egyptians and Babylonians practised it. Today witches of all forms believe in it and guide their activities according to its principles. 

Astrology is an occult system because it claims to reveal a secret and mysterious esoteric knowledge to those who have been initiated in its systems and teachings. Down through the years there have always been people firmly convinced that our lives on earth are mysteriously influenced by the celestial bodies - the moon, the planets and the stars. It has been estimated that up to 1 billion people on earth today "believe in or follow astrology to some extent". Many of the rich and famous of this world consult astrologers, convinced that the knowledge they gain will help them be successful in life.

The real power of astrology is not merely in the horoscopes which are published in so many modern newspapers and magazines. Every day these horoscopes contradict each other in so many ways - and indeed, most professional astrologers complain that these columns are vastly oversimplified at best and "utter nonsense" at worst. No, the real power of astrology comes into play when someone goes to a professional astrologer for advice concerning their life and the decisions they must make. The astrologer may be able to come up with many amazing insights concerning the person's character and things that have happened to them in the past. This is attributed to knowledge gained through the charts. When many things are revealed about an otherwise unknown person, amazement and credulity are often the results. People drop their defenses and begin to believe very much in what the astrologer says. If he explains this power in terms of the stars then this may be believed without question. Before long a person can become dependant on the advice and counsel of professional astrologers for every major decision. The power of suggestion and possibly other powers may then become involved in powerfully influencing that person's life. Pretty soon all the events in a person's life - good and bad, may be interpreted in the light of the astrologer's pronouncements.

Astrology teaches a worldview which is basically pagan in orientation. It is basically a form of divination - an attempt by occult means of gaining special knowledge, especially concerning the future. Belief in astrology is promoted wherever the occult arts are promoted. God condemns divination and the reason is simple. The power of the occult is not from the stars, the tea leaves, the candles, the material elements used. The source of occult knowledge and power is personal and it is spiritual. The spirits involved in it are those that lead a person away from loving trust and dependence upon God our Creator. God therefore views these spirits as evil. They mix a little truth with their lies. Another name for these evil spirits is "demons". As unacceptable as it sounds to many ears - those who get involved in any of the occultic arts, including astrology, are opening themselves to become channels for demons. The concept of astrology dates back to ancient times. Beliefs about astrology vary across different regions and cultures. In general, astrology can be classified into two broad categories, namely, natural and judicial. Natural astrology involves the charting of planetary positions, while judicial astrology is based on the study of the effects of celestial bodies on human life. On the basis of regions and cultures, astrology is categorized as Western, Indian and Chinese. Western astrology is said to have been practiced, for the first time, by the people of Babylonia, from where it spread to other countries. In the 4th century BC, it reached Greece and soon after, Rome. Between 7th and 13th century BC, the Arab population began to believe in astrology. Within the next few centuries, the Mayans, the Aztecs and other cultures and civilizations also developed new forms of astrology. We at wasco deal with natal birth charts, palmistry, facereading, sarvatobhadra chakra, psychic predictions, vastu, tantra healing, vedic fire rituals, mantra, yantras. contact us for remedies for solving problems in your life or know upcoming problems/ events which are going to occur in your periodial life phases. we undertake corporate astrology, film astrology, politics, good auspicious muhurta, industrial vastu problems, love problems, progeny - child birth problems, difficulty in marriage, competitions in life, sports, education difficulties, court cases, bussiness disputes/ problems, success in life, bad energies, occult mystries, curses, tona- totka,health - wealth problems, Indian - foreign Hebrew child names etc etc . Here we give assurance that you will never be remain unsatisfied by our remedial astrology measures which is to be provided by highly reputed -and internationaly recognized top most famous astrologer.. He will suggest you and guide you as a friend and try his level best by providing you highly devine charged energized special yantras for specific purpose. So why to suffer more ! come and take our help/ guidence and improve your life.

Note; All our predictions are reviewed ,evaluated manually by our experienced qualified Astrologer through ancient vedic system of astrology. We never take help of software for to make any kind of predictions as other astrologers generally do.  Moreover we take our own time to give reply as we remain busy under great load all the time.
we at wasco welcome all viewers to join us for the wellness of mind, body and soul inspite being spiritual and profounding new concepts about oneness in mind of us to be get blissed by the etenal powers inside us given by the superdivine almighty. We at wasco make our endavour to celebrate this divine concept of wellness in oneness by practicing vedic phylosophy, astrology, soul to soul tranmission of powers, tantra healing through traditional yantra - mantra and bhakti. We need to hear your queries at [email protected]

In quest of identity and destiny man discovered philosophy and religion. In search of realization of philosophical truth and religious summum bunum of life Lord Shiva expounded scientific and mystic tradition known as Tantra. 

Tantra forms the esoteric basis of all religion and provides sound philosophical foundation of spirituality. We at wasco presents an indepth analysis and reflection of the root concepts of Tantra such as Kundalini, Mantra and Yantra. Tantra provides an esoteric and physiological significance of tantric Sadhana. Tantra believes that poison that kills a man when scientifically cultured by physician it becomes the elixir of life. bhog when sublimated, it opens the door for salvation. 

Tantra is a happy and harmonious blending of enjoyment (Bhoga) and salvation (yoga). It is an intuitional science. The Canonical literature of Tantra is written in Twilight language (Sandhya Bhasa). Its apparent meaning is quite different from the real meaning. Only those who get initiated by a proper Guru in Tantra Sadhana understand the mystic significance of different symbols and esoteric practices.  We should never misuse the word tantra , we take help of tantra only for remedial measures in astrology not more than that. Upanishads are manuals of higher sadhana for advanced and initiated aspirants. It delineates the ancient path of kundalini awakening in its original and pure form before the proliferation of modern yogic literature. This form elucidates a unique combination of kundalini yoga and vedantic upasana.  It discusses the nadis, prana vayus, chakras and kundalini shakti, and also provides detailed descriptions of ajapa gayatri and pranava, which are older vedic and upanishadic meditative techniques of enlightment. 

So ultimately if you are in search of spiritual enlightenment, you must first seek to discover what your soul purpose in life is. Your soul purpose is the reason you are placed on earth, or can be better understood as what you should strive to accomplish during your life. Once you know your soul purpose, you can then seek spiritual enlightenment to discover the best path to reach that goal. In short, you soul purpose in life is the finish line or what you hope to leave behind, while spiritual enlightenment can be the map or direction you should take or understand in order to finish. .

Most people are blessed with certain gifts or abilities that can help point in the direction of your soul purpose. For example, many people are healers while others are doers. Some people have a soul purpose to help others while some will have the ability to design plans so others can be helped. 

Your soul purpose may simply be to raise a family so that your children go on to make a difference in the world. No one can tell you your soul purpose. It is something you must seek to discover through internal reflection and self discovery. In essence, your soul purpose is whatever ability you have to accomplish something with your life. Spirituality is not just experiancing God but it's wide meaning is examining our self, self realization of soul and redifining it's divinity is spiritualism.Deeply what is Spiritualism? and what is it's growth ?, the answer to this is that  Spiriualism is beyond all aspects such as religion, cast, mantra, tantra, god, dharm, karma, . It is Spiritual development of eternal soul - the ultimate realization of the divine, and that purified soul represents the holy spirit and thus the whole process is termed as spiritualism. Spiritualism is basically and gradually growth of spirit and making goodies , avoiding untruth opens the door to salvation preparing us to make a direct contact with almighty God. Spiritualism is not concerned with any dieties, it is meant for the eternal elixir of categorized dimentional soul and it's progress for attaining salvation . Astrology acts as one of the basic tools to travel spiritualism and a path to know Brahmavidya . All dharm says that mercy is the medicine for all worries, quarrels , anger and progress. A spiritualated person always remains in a perfect mind blissed with mercy and remains calm, speakes less but to the point , saves humanity, a tree can be spiritual, a building can be spiritual ,a fish, a cow can be spiritual it is the way how we observe our sorroundings. God is everywhere says great devotee of lord Vishnu - bhakth prahalaad. No philosophy can fully describe spiritualism. Vedic philosophy throws some light on -spiritualism . Spiritualism can be acheived by practicing self soul meditation , one who meditates on his soul after some time often experiances spiritual encounters. You can take any methodology to worship god - Dwaita and Adwaita , agama or nigama , chant omkar, live happy.

Spirituality is not an affection towards God but it is a mutual aggrement between super divine with the pertual soul and it's metaphase eternal embrassment. Between the soul and Divine God there exists bodily stage which totally depends on the theory of Karma in which soul performs good or bad tasks and according to its performance god decides that it is perfect for salvation or not. When we chant mantra the effect is not mere carried by our body but it is simultaniously related with the soul. The soul transmits the power of mantra the subdued energy of mantra then reaches the god and then the god in return embrasses the soul with his super divine desired powers. Our sole purpose of healing through mantra is based on this philosophy that in todays world no mantra, no yantra, is working when practiced by ordinary person an ordinary person can just do prayers, because in Kaliyuga all mantra are already blocked by lord shiva but the person who knows it can open the key of that perticular mantra , it takes years to open a single mantra through continious sadhanas. Because mantra needs removal of curses which are already there affecting the power of mantra . We have to first remove those curses from that mantra then we can chant that mantra and get beniefits of the energy generated by mantra. Gayatri mantra is effected by four shraps i.e curses given by brahma, vashishtha, vishvamitra ,narada  all mahamantras needs removal process of curses on them then only they can provide healing and a guru can only give mantra to his disciple. This is vedic tradition of mantra meditation.
Once you have discovered your soul purpose, you can then seek spiritual enlightenment to assist in your journey. Spiritual enlightenment is a basic understanding of powers higher than yourself and how those powers can be of help or aid in the journey to reach or attain goals. Spiritual enlightenment is not a moment in time where things suddenly become clear and the path is laid perfectly in front of you. Spiritual enlightenment is a process that happens over years of searching and studying to find the correct life map of the way that things should be done. 

Spiritual enlightenment is not simply a guideline of what direction you should go but it is a guide in a way to how you should live your life. Spiritual enlightenment is a process of discovering which things you believe are good to do in life and the way you should live your life. It will help you understand how to deal with people and situations and be able to feel like you did the right thing in the end. This can be discovered through prayer, meditation, and studying in books or with other people. This should be a learning process of what you do in your daily life that makes you feel good about your actions. 

In short, you must figure out your soul purpose in life and then discover the way to fulfill it while not sacrificing your own soul. If you fulfill your goal, but in the end you can't stand who you have become along they way, you may regret the journey. Using spiritual enlightenment to fulfill your soul purpose will insure that in the end you can live with the steps you took to accomplish the goal. If you are in need of spiritual guidance, there are many ways to locate healers that can assist with finding your way. Spiritual guidance is used to find new ways to heal sicknesses, especially those that deal with the psychological and emotional areas of the body. There are many different types of healers available today. Some of the more popular techniques and beliefs used by healers are homeopathy, ayurvedic treatments, allopathy, and Hekma. While healing through spiritual guidance has not been practiced extensively, it has been proven to be effective in treatments for physical, mental, and emotional ills. Healers often use spiritual guidance from the holy books of the Bible, Qur'an, and the Torah. These three religions use healers to treat sickness and disease. While spiritual guidance may mean different things to people who practice different religions, the basics are usually the same. We at wasco provide answers to your queries related with remedial astrology and with the help of tantra, mantra and divine yantras. You can contact us on [email protected]  and experiance superdivine yantric healing.
According to Shastras, Yantras are divided into Seven types which are used accordingly. 

Sharir Yantra :- There are six chakras in the body, through which Kundalini is awakened. These are specific Yantras for each Chakra which are worn or used accordingly. Each Yantra carries seperate mantras which if recited indicates different gains. These are called Sharir Yantras.

Dharn Yantra :- As the name indicates, these Yantras are worn on different parts of the body for specific use. They bestow the results when used accordingly. There are several such Yantras and methods. 

Asan Yantra :- Such Yantras are kept under Aasna at the time of Sadhana. These bears fruits early than other Yantras These are Yantras which are placed in temples, in the foundation of houses, used as Devas as mentioned earlier. Such Yantras are kept under every Deva for early good results. 

Mandal Yantra :- In this the Sadhakas are made to sit in the shape of Yantras itself. Nine persons take part in it. One sits in the centre, four persons in four directions and others recite other mantras. The Sadhana with this Yanra bears fruit early.

Pooja Yantra : - We have earlier indicated that Tantras are installed in temples and Pooja is performed. Actually these Yantras are of a different devas. Such Yantras are installed in many ways namely:-

While installing the idols of Devas, the Yantras are written in digits and accordingly while performing pooja, the names of respective Devas are recited. The Muslims write 786 which is a digital Yantra for the word "Bisam Allah".

In Yantra, the name of Deva is written in the centre and pooja is performed.

Some Yantras are prepared while writing the mantras, in such case, we write full mantras some where, at other place the first words of mantras are written, whereas in other cases we write Beej mantras only.

On some yantras the photos of Devas and Devi etc are pasted or drawn and pooja is performed. 

In Such yantras colours are used in the pictures of Devas etc.

Chhatar Yantra:- The above yantras enuomerated at Serial 1 to 5 are writeten at the place where you sit, on at the roof top, on the Skull etc and are Called Chhatar Yantras. These yantras are kept under turbon, hat, or in a Cloth which is kept always with the man as towel etc or be kept in a pocket.

Darshan Yantras:- These are yantras, which are if seen by the Sadhaka, he is benefitted. Or the place where these are installed or worn, blesses the native with Success. In India there are places where purified yantras are installed and those places are very powerful to mitigate the rtroubles and evils of the people if pooja is performed there. In temples of Jagan Nath Puri, Ishairon Yantra and in Shri Nath Dwar is installed Sudarshan yantra etc.
The world is composed of Five elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Sky. In Yantras where lines are used with the basic concept of Bindu or point, all these elements are used particularly Earth, Water and Fire. Yantras are rectangular and of Water element are round whereas that of Fire are Tringular. Five or more sides Yantras are too used.

Triangular Yantra when is of raised lines indicates Lord SHIVA'S Yantra and when is of Carved lines denotes of BHAGWATI Yantra.

These Fire elements Yantra indicate specific use, which are to be memorised by the Sadhaka.

Prithvi Tatva:- These Yantras bestow contenment, comforts, ambitions and success.

Jal Tatva :- These Yantras bless the native with respect, Love, Contentment, removes restlessness, Smoothness, affection in life and wisdom.

Agni Tatva:- These Yantras are helpful in gaining respect, success, avert failures and troubles etc.

Vayu Tatva :- These Yantras stand for difficulties, disrespect, unintelligence, etc and they increase such instinets and attract the users to vices.

Akash Tatva :- These Yantras are useful for creating affection, education, Love for all, removing worries, and success in efforts for spirituality in solitude.

In Mohammdan practice, Yantras has been divided into Four types, and known as Atshi, Badi Abbi and Khakhi which corresponds to Fiery (Agni), Airy (Vayu), Watery (Jal) and Earthy (Prithvi) respectively. In Hindu and other religions these are used for specific but for same purpose.

Agni or Atshi Yantras are written on paper, Bhoj Patra, old clothes, China wares etc. these Yantras are put in Fire or burried near hearth place or Fire place etc. They bless the the native with success and help in overcoming the diffculties of life and for controlling dreams etc. These should be written facing East, sitting on one knee and near the Fire.

Badi or Airy yantras are those which are bung with a tree or are placed at a height where they should remain in motion. These are used for affection, love affairs or for stopping the speech of another man etc. It should be written while sitting at aheight or roof top of a house.

Abbi Yantras are known as Jal or Watery one, these are thrown in river, canal, well or any place where there is water as per specific directions. Generally are used for release of prisoners etc. Write facing West, standing in water.
Khaki or Prithvi or Earthy Yantras are burried under the Chowkhat, cremation path, mountain or at the places where four roads meet. These are used for the death of enemies. These Yantras be written while facing South, sitting on one knee, dhoop or incense be lighted. Months: - The auspicious months for writing the yantras are Shara Vana, Bhadra pad, Aswij, Kartik, Maghasar, Vaisakh, Pause, Magha and Phalgun. These months are Hindi Bikrami month. The yantra prepared during these months indicates successful results. They are beneficial for wealth, Gold, gain , respect, Comforts from Children, promotion, success, education etc. The months of Chaitra, Jyestha and Asar are middling for writing of yantras. Other months are not fit for writing of yantras. 

Paksha: - Shukal Paksha is better than Krishna Paksha. The former is auspicious whereas latter is middling.

Thithi:- For Vashi Karan Nand tithi, For Lakshmi and education Bhadra Tithi, for Moksha and spirituality Siddhi Jaya tithi and for Maran Rikta tithis are suitable. For all auspicious works Pooran tiithies are most suitable. 

Nakshatra: - Hast and Pushya nakshatra falling on Sunday are suitable for Kashatriya Rohini and Mrigasira nakashatras falling on Monday are good for spiritual purposes Aswini falling on Tuesday for Jewellers, Anuradha on Wednesday for Brahmins, Pushya falling on Thursday for Vaish, Rewati falling on Sunday are auspicious for persons is troubles, diseased and facing turmoils.

Colours:- For spiritual Sadhana white, for Maran, Uchattan Black, for Vashi Karan, Mohan etc red, for acquisition of wealth yellow, Kesari, and for Aakarshan Blue colours are most successful and bears early results.

A Yantra is a symbolic diagrammatic representation of a Deity, or parts of human body, various aspects of life - both spiritual and material, the shad chakras, the nadi centers etc. Take the example of Sri Yantra (Also called Shree Chakra) for example. It represents Devi Lalita Tripura Sundari or Kamakshi Devi or Shodasi Devi or Shakti. The outer 3 lines, called the 1st Avarana, represent her feet, the inside 8 petal lotus, called the 3rd Avarana, represents her nabhi or naval and so on. There are 28 Devies placed in specific places on the 3 lines - or her feet. The other Avaranas also have different Devies placed at different specific locations. While doing Tantrik worship, where each of these Devies are individually worshipped with mantras and by offering flowers or Akshintas etc., it is more convenient to worship a Yantra than a picture or an idol. The same is the case with Hanuman yantra, or Kubera yantra or Navagraha yantra etc. - with variations in deities, numbers, locations and beeja mantras etc. A yantra is magical diagram that serves as an energy field for the spirits, deities and powers to dwell and function in. A visual device like a mandala, the yantra is used for focusing, channeling and communicating potencies or powers internally.

The underlying message of the yantra is that there is no separation between worlds, between inner and outer, profane and divine, internal and external.

A yantra is then the instrument that bridges these worlds making them one.

The true use of the yantra is in reorganizing the individual's own energy field and awareness, rather than making an impact on the conditions of the world outside of us.

In yantras that are associated with divinities, the deity is accompanied by a seed syllable or bija mantra that invokes the divine presence when recited.

In this scenario the yantra may be considered to be the 'bliss field' of the deity who resides in the central point of the yantra.

Yantras have a variety of purposes other than to be the consciousness-energy field of a deity.  They may be used as instruments of meditation, as focusing devices, as a protective amulet, or as a magical device to call in specific energies and potencies.

A yantra may express the inner aspect of any form of creation.  The nature of men, women, animals or the gods may all be expressed through yantras.

"There are in the world, innumerable yantras.  Every shape, every leaf, every flower is a yantra which, through its shape, its color, its perfume, tells us the story of creation." 

Kalayana, Mantra-Yantra-Tantra

When focusing on a mandala or yantra, mantras are also often employed. 

A mantra is a mystical sound or phrase that connects us to the realm of the divine through the power of its audible vibration.  Like a yantra, the mantra too serves as a boat or vehicle that bridges the conscious and unconscious worlds.

It is the vocalized expression as representation of the deity, potency or power.  A yantra is a visual representation of the mantra.

The mantra as an audible vibration is considered to be identical to the deity.

It is a thought-form that when chanted protects the mind as it invokes the deity.  Mantras represent the nature of the deity and are inseparable from them.

"Verily, the body of the deity arises from its basic seed sound." When the name of the deity is recited over its yantra it is the mantra which brings the deity down and makes it enter the image and makes it live.

Om and Aum

AUM:  Thought-form of the Knowledge of the Immensity or the Brahma-vidya mantra

Meaning:  I bow, I agree or I accept.

That which leads to the other shore and is considered the source of all other mantras.

A represents Brahma the creator deity

U represents Vishnu the preserver deity

M represents Siva the deity of dissolution

A and U together represent truth and immortality.

AUM represents the One Being pervading all of space, time and all forms.

The recitation of this mantra leads to realization, liberation from bondage and to the attainment of the Supreme Reality.

Taken as the symbol of the union of the three gods, AUM appears as the original thought-form from which the universe developed.

Sound as Erotic Spiritual Power: Then bija-mantra


According to this Tantra, all sounds were born from the ecstatic union of Siva~Sakti. The bindu is the point of convergence and expansion representing the point of contact with the Absolute or ultimate reality.  It is the point of the cosmic origin of all things born out of sacred union.

The energy of sound, born from the union of the god and his goddess consort, first creates the sixteen vowels before concentrating into the bindu, and then disseminating into the consonants.

All sounds uttered during sexual union are to be seen as mantras; that is as expressions of ultimate reality, the voice of the cosmic Buddhas, both male and female in various states of ecstasy.

The Om that is uttered in sexual union is the primal sound of the ecstatic universe.

The Ohh sound within the Om is the utterance of the opening of the cosmic womb or vulva, the divine origin of all things in form.  The yoni of the goddess is then the gateway of heavenly bliss or ultimate happiness for beings in form.

The nasal resonance of the sound of mmm is born of the union of god and goddess and represents the beginning place of manifestation.  This resonance is thus produced when the erect lingam of Siva energetically embraces Sakti‚Äôs sensitive and open yoni producing the sounds that create the universe of form.

Om is thus the ultimate sound to be uttered in sexual union representing the rhythm and pulsation of the universal Siva and Sakti in ritual intercourse giving birth to all things.

Om Ananda Brahma:

Om is the sound of supreme bliss

Other primary seed sounds or bija mantras:

AIM   -   the seed sound of Saraswati, pertaining to the goddess of knowledge. It is used for the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom, the mastery of words, the removal of pain and the power of effective speech.

HRIM  -  mantra of the Divine Mother, for cleansing and purification, transformation, energy, joy and ecstasy

SHRIM  - Lakshmi's mantra grants good health, gives beauty, prosperity and creativity, gives refinement and sensitivity.  The sound of the energy of abundance in all forms.

KLIM   -  Siva's mantra the seed of desire and the sound of sacred pleasure:  gives sexual power, strength and primal vigor grants us emotional stability, artistic skills and creativity

KRIM   -  Kali's bija mantra, the power of time.  Gives sacred work and empowered actions.  Adds power and efficacy to action.


Shrim Hrim Klim  Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha 

to attract wealth, beauty and all forms of refinement and abundance.

In the olden days people used to draw a yantra at the pooja place, on the ground or on a wooden board or metal piece, with rice flour or wheat flour or sindoor. This was very convenient but while doing pooja it can easily get erased. A longer lasting method was to make a yantra by engraving the yantra on a copper or brass plate. The rich class used silver or gold plates. They had to go through all this trouble because in those days there was no paper or printing. The metallic materials are used essentially to enhance the longevity and the visual presentation. In some cases for certain specific purposes yantras made of gold, silver etc are prescribed. Today, for regular normal worship the best is to get a good printed yantra and laminate it. If the purpose of your buying a yantra is simply to hang it at the pooja place, or wear it, or do a simple worship with a stotra or mantra, then you are better off buying a picture or an idol of that God than a yantra, because, for example, the photo of Lord Shiva is more familiar to you and invokes more bhakti feeling than His yantra. 

Yantras derive from the Buddhist, Hindu and tantric spiritual traditions and date back 8,000 years. They are symmetric, geometrical, spiritually significant circular patterns of which the Sri Yantra is the original and most important. The Sri Yantra is used for meditation, contemplation and spiritual symbolism, representing as it does themes of eternality, polarity and other concepts central to these religious traditions. The visual complexity of the Sri Yantra also has artistic potential. 

    1. Secure the Sri Yantra at eye level on a north- or east-facing wall.

  • 2. Meditate on the center point, termed the "bindu." This point symbolizes the origin of existence and the highest possible state of consciousness. Breathe calmly through the nose while meditating.
  • 3. Work outward from the bindu while remaining in a meditative state. The Sri Yantra unfolds in layers, or "circuits," which mimic the steps on the path to transcendence and unbeing.
  • 4. Coordinate the mental rhythm of your meditation with the visual and aesthetic rhythm of the Sri Yantra pattern, bearing in mind its power as a symbol of male-female opposites, balance, symmetry and the infinity of being and nothingness.
  • 5. Design art based on the Sri Yantra, which in its balance, color and geometry is and of itself aesthetically appealing. The Sri Yantra has inspired artistic works in a number of mediums dating back centuries. Reproducing the image artistically can help develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Yantra's complexity.
  • Yantras have developed over two millennia as the Hindu version of the traditional mandalas in the Buddhist faith, which are aerial views of symbolically symmetrical castles. The Sri Yantra is the basis for all other yantras, symbolizing two of Hinduism's many intertwining cosmological forces: Shakti or Sakti, representing the feminine aspects of universal change, and Shiva or Siva, the masculine force of energy.

  • 1.Understand the basics of the yantra, which literally means "yam" in Sanskrit --- eluding to that tuber's ability to hold it all or contain the essence. The intent is to learn about the particular deity or deities being represented in each, then visualize the principles represented by those deities in the yantras.

  • 2. Learn the fundamentals of Hindu cosmology and tantrism, which draw on the varied and interconnected virtues of hundreds of deities into a fabric of divine understanding that mirrors the petals of the lotus. In the Sri Yantra, you can visualize an eight-petalled and a 16-pedalled lotus flower, if you're concentrating.
  • 3. Delve into the Sri Yantra's general intention to reflect the concept of Shiva-Shakti. Stare at a photograph of this core mandala. It has five triangular constructions facing toward the ground, for Shakti, and four triangles facing in the other direction for Shiva. Overlapped in a concise manner, the triangles form a concentric shelter around a central, singular triangle, facing downward. Some Hindu sects believe that this also indicates a slightly heavier load being carried by the Shakti side.
  • 4. Stare at the Sri Yantra in a deeper attempt to visualize the individual triangles within the construction. Start with the largest or smallest triangle then work your way either smaller or larger chronologically.
  • 5. Shift your focus from the individual triangular constructions to the overall whole. Try to visualize the small and large lotus flowers that form the general pattern.
  • 6. Attempt to visualize the Sri Yantra during meditation or yogic practice. This is a method of centering used in Hindu cultures, also credited with building focus and balance in mind, body and spirit.
  • 7. Consider other meanings inherent in the Sri Yantra. The overall construction is said to mirror humanity's attempts to obtain enlightenment; gradually working toward a centeredness, not only personally but as a community.

  • The Sri Yantra, or Yantra of Creation, originated in our pre-history.  It has been known in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and since the earliest Vedic times as the most powerful and mystically beautiful of all yantras (geometric mandalas known as power diagrams).

    It represents the timeless creative principle of the universe, the continuous unfoldment of all realms of creation from the central source, and with that mindfulness, it is used as an object of meditation.

    The central point, called bindu, represents transcendental unity and the source of creation.  The opposing sets of triangles represent the male and female principles which form creation, themselves being recognized as expressions of the polarity inherent in the creative force of the bindu.  The surrounding geometries represent the realms of creation, entirely supported by the creative process, and which would have no reality whatsoever without the omnipresence of the transcendental source.

    However, If you want to do a proper Tantrik worship (which gives quicker and better results), by ritualistically following all the anganyasa, karanyasa, mudra, avahana, pratisthana, offerings, rituals and worship the various places of the yantra with the prescribed beeja mantras, then a yantra is more useful. For proper Tantrik worship you have to do the pratisthana yourself and by following all the rules do a 100,000 times mantra japa within 44 days (one mandala). Normally people do 125,000 times mantra japa in 48 days - the extra number to take care of any mistakes in pronunciation or counting. 

    Even if you cannot do a full ritualistic pratisthana etc, at least you must worship 108 times daily with the prescribed mantra.

    Now a days a lot of self proclaimed Mantriks, Tantriks and web pundits are promising the sun, moon and the stars to gullible people with all kinds of nonsense. 

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Our holy texts such as Bhagvad gita, Ramayan, vedas,upnishada gives us knowledge and guides us if we are fully devoted to follow what there is mentioned in secred texts .Each and every incarnation of god gives us a teaching also it is an art of living given by ancient rishis, munis and great sages and their desperate spiritual work on Hinduism the oldest religion of world.  We presents an indepth analysis and reflection of the root concepts of Tantra such as Kundalini, Mantra and Yantra.  We practice the ancient sree vidya and the healing providing procedure by this occult method , there are two main tradions of sree vidya one is kadi and other is hadi the third form is sadi but not very popular in tantra. There are said to be 15 lines of mantra, each perceived by a different Rishi (Seer). The most widespread seems to be that called Kadi (beginning with 'Ka'), which itself has three sections. The other main division is Hadi, although it is said that the Kularnava Tantra incorporates both in a division called Kahadi. Devotees of the Kadi line worship the Shri Yantra from the perimeter to the centre, while Hadi devotees worship it from the centre to the perimeter. Some of the lines of the vidya are said to be broken, and do not run in a continuous stream. The Kadi Vidya runs ka e i la hrim: ha sa ka ha la hrim: sa ka la hrim. There is also a secret 16th syllable said to be the quintessence of Lalita.The Yogini Hridaya, the second part of the Vamakeshvara Tantra, states that the mantra has several meanings. Some are literal, others traditional, inner, Kaulika, occult and real. The syllables represent Shiva and Shakti. The first part, Ka E I La Hrim, is called Vagbhava, and is Vama Shakti, Brahma,Jnana Shakti, and Eastern Face. The second part, Ha Sa Ka Ha La hrim, is Kamaraja, Jyesta Shakti, Visnu, Iceha Shakti, and Southern Face. The third part, Sa Ka La hrim, is called Shakti, is Raudri Shakti, Rudra, Kriya Shakti and Western Face. The fourth part, the hidden or secret syllable, is mother goddess, Shambhu Natha, the totality of the three shaktis of Knowledge, Will and Action, and the Northern Face or amnaya. Ka = air, Ha = fire, Sa = water, La = earth, Ha = aether. The vowels are above aether. The 15 syllables are 1 of aether, 2 of air, three of fire, four of water, and five of earth.The three forms of La represent the three Worlds. The five forms of the letter Ha represent sound.  The vidya shows oneness of Shiva, Guru, devi and disciple; as it is Shiva in sound form (Shakti) which preserves the line.These vidya, yantra, guru, disciple, goddess are all conceived of as being one. The Shri Yantra is within the wheel of time (Kalacakra), and represents the human body (microcosm), and the universe (macrocosm). These 15 letters are conceived to exist within the meru or spine of a human being, from the base to the top of the head.The seven (or nine) 'chakras' are strung along this thread of light, as are the different mandals or circles of Shri Yantra. Note that the Lalita Vidya is itself divided into three parts, each represents fire, sun and moon. Different letters of the alphabet all exist in a subtle form within the spinal cord. Each chakra is presided over by a Yogini whose function is connected with the transmutation of food, which is alchemy of the food factory. Every aspect of Shri Vidya may be understood in three ways -- gross, subtle, and supreme -- and so the meaning of things often remains uncertain unless you already know someone who has the key, or belong to the in group. As letters of the alphabet, Lalita is Matrika Shakti, who deludes by her Maya through words, speech, mantra. The tantriks knew the seven traditional planets of western astrology, and also had a greater number of shadowy planets, of which Rahu and Ketu -- the nodes of the moon -- are the best known. The planets are important to an understanding of Shri Vidya, but the details are so extensive that they must be reserved for a later time. The letters of the vidya are Nada, or sound, and the absolute, and end as uttered sound. When charged with the consciousness of the Fourth these mere letters become mantra. Otherwise, words continually delude.The 16th syllable of the vidya also represents the Fourth. This Fourth is Kamakala. Beyond it is the Ultimate Absolute (Atiturya - beyond the Fourth), and beyond any sort of description.
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