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All worldly religions and philosophy supports the word Healing. A mother feeding her baby is a kind of healing given to the baby. Two positive words uttered sometimes proves magic this can be called as healing, A gentle massage on head or body can termed as healing or a prayer to God can be a type of effective healing. What is behind healing? How healing can be practiced? Is really transmission of positive energy is possible? What can be used as healing instrument-all this questions need quality answers which naturally arise in our mind when we think about healing.

 Generously healing is not an easy process some one can practice in a span of time it taken years to master even one art of healing. It is solely depends upon the person who and how he manifests this process and by using what kind of therapy. Now a days, most popular are Gem therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Pranic healing, Aura healing, Rudraksha therapy, Faith healing, Yantric healing and so on similar methods, but when the word healing comes then it means complete body mind sole-bliss and cure which  cannot be precisely done by common therapies used by the mass. A long Sadhana is necessary for the occultist who’s provides such healing genuinely. Gems heal through cosmic rays captured attracted by them of that planet which enters in the body of that person wearing a particular gem or we get Rudraksha contains electro magnetic field which provides vibration heal.

The process of healing is unique and particular. The basic principle of energy states that energy can not be created nor destroyed but can converted into a form to another. The person providing healing must carry tremendous power within him. Energy can be of any/many phases forms like Mantric, Yantric, Tantric energy all are deeply correlated and attached with each other.


The yogis or we can say mantradrashta sages (rishis) when in deep spiritual concentration or in a state of mental bliss get connected with the super divine powers situated in the higher dimensions and their soul filled with joy then they begin to chant holy mantras provided by the almighty during dhyan after practicing the mantras for years ages they were able to saw identify some kind of geometrical figure a pattern of waves arising in ethers in viscous form representing the body of the worshipping diety. They called this particular pattern as yantra and started meditating that yantras drawn by them on bhogpatra (palm leaf), Copper-Gold Silver plates in 2-3 dimensions. Metals are good conductors so Yantras are popularly available in only gold, silver and copper and not on bhojpatra (palm leaf), Copper-Gold, Silver plates in 2-3 dimension. Metal are good conductor so yantras are popularly available in only gold silver and copper and not on bhogpatra or any paper. The combination of mantra and yantra forms a vast and wide cult of tantra a system organize to handle mantric and yantric energies and interacting good/bad energies.


The soul at higher spiritual potential can transmit the energy to the soul at lower potential a main principle in Transformational Kinesiology System or as in distant healing therapies. No mantra is working or be effective when practiced by/ chant by ordinary person because all the mantras has been sealed (blocked) by Shiva the creator of tantra and are affected by curses. Whenever somebody reads a mantra from a book or any medium and chants that mantra instead of giving him a good results he experiences bad results and opposition by negative energies .It take years to open a single mantra and removal of curses imposed on it. The person or spiritual master ( Guru ) who knows this art can help the disciple by providing a perticular mantra with all functional keys and can make aware that person with good / bad results of the mantra. for ex. gayatri mantra has been affected by four curses (shraps) from brahma, vashishta, vishwamitra and shukra . So first the process of removals of curses is necessary to gain power through any mantra or mahamantra . The ancient shree vidya is strict transmitted by oral tradition and terminology considering tantric rituals which is totally depend upon the height of spirituality of that soul. Never think that our body carries the spiritual healing energy it is our soul which transforms and transmits all forms of divine powers considering body as a medium. Yantric healing method developed by Acharya Punitji is the fastest and easy method of providing instant healing in which particular yantra is made accordingly after review of remedial cause of that particular problem of an individual.


 The individual or a family is made ready and prepared to handle and regenerate with the charging energy of the yantra and precautions to be seen during the sadhana. There are two main paths of sadhana in tantra one is vamachar and other is Dakshinmarg both the process finally leads to enlightenment of soul. A true tantric practitioner always select dakshinmarg tantra the right hand path where as short cut seeker selects left hand path, i.e. black magic, woodoo, witchcraft, etc.


 Healing therapies if used properly under guidance provides best results. No therapy can change future of an individual but gives him positive vibrations and energy which he can use whenever needed. Remedial astrology measures includes gem therapy, fire rituals, vastu and pyramids, yantras, mantras and rudraksh therapies, all these are pure Vedic and spiritual scientifically proven genuine treatment by Vedic scholar. Since ancient times whereas all ayur herbs, medicines act as healing instrument or healing particle. 

 Remedial Astrolgy

Vedic astrology suggests remedies for our past and present sins. A natal horoscope has to be analysed threadbare by a knowledgeable astrologer and then only , pariharas are to be prescribed . A distinguished personality in the field of jyotish and pariharas is Acharya Punit Vora , vedic pandit from Rajasthan. He claims that the only motto in his life is to serve the mankind. Guruji is well versed in many ancient systems of predictions including Horary system, Bhrigu Nadi, Jaimini / Parashar paddhati, K.p system, Vastu, Palmistry, Samudric etc. etc.

He is the President of Indian Astrological Research Institute, Mumbai chapter. President of Indian Federation of Astrologers { IFA }. He suggests remedies with the help of Tantra , mantra and yantra. Through Rudraksha, gems, malas, prayers, fire - rituals and Lal - kitab remedies. Mr. Punit Vora has brought positive results in many people's lives. 

Here we produce some interesting discussions with him on astrology, remedies and occult practices, highlighted to signalize subject of occultism, mystics and remedial astrology measures with the savant occultist and astro master Punit Vora , which according to him satisfies quest of both materialism as well as spiritualism.

Q. When did you start taking interest in occult sciences why?

Ans. Accordingly, due to some pre - birth fundamental qualities people near to me discovered & realized something special in me since from childhood. As time passed when I grew up I started searching for divinity in the form of supreme divine reality. Due to this intitutional feeling thus my journey with spiritualism started then I mastered vedas, upnishads, almost all areas of vedic astrology and tantra. Something which I carry I would like to share , distribute and succour for the welfare of mankind and universe as all these abilities , achievements are not mine, but God has gifted them to me. I will be happy, if these powers can benefit others.

Q. How did you study astrology, vastu, tantra etc?

Ans. See exactly occult sciences you can never study. For years I spent my nice time with the seers and mentors of these fields and I imbibed all the experiences , spiritual encounters and mastered the art of prediction & healing. Peeping into one's past and future, doing astrology, vastu, tantra with sincere hard work , dedication and devotion by a very conceal and cloak specific spiritual technique termed as ( SSTDP ). Thus I got my spiritual name swami punitji from my guru.

Q. Do you think that remedies can really reduce/ erase the afflictions in life ? If so, how are they working?

Ans. Of course ! Remedy itself means " to heal or cure ". The maladies includes physical, mental and spiritual imbalance of energy. A born child may receive more or less planetary energy ( rashmi ) as per his destiny. This imbalance is the cause of all sufferings ; it can be balanced in almost all fields of life. There are various remedial measures including gems, mantras, herbs, fire rituals , rudraksha, yantra, planetary oblations etc. When someone opts for remedies negative powers get aroused ; they try to reverse our mind and they load many obstacles in our path , but someone very firm can succeed to complete these remedies. It is not quite an easy task. Where semiology and other diagnostics fail , there astrological remedies really work and yield positive results.

Q. What is the rationale behind remedial measures, if we are destined to suffer?

Ans. Exactly, in the same way during raining we can't stop rain but at least we can carry an umbrella to protect ourselves from water and as raining is over there remains no need of umbrella or shelter. In this way , remedies work during bad period . Suppose , you have to take one spoon of ghee for 10 days daily ; but if you take 10 spoons of ghee in one day , it can cause harm to you . So be careful , while performing remedies . It contains both sides positive as well as negative if not handled with care . Please never try to play with spiritual objects or matter . After all my realization is that where science ends from there spirituality begins.

Q. Explain different kind of remedies for general problems like eradicating poverty, sickness etc?

Ans. Some of the easiest remedies often used for eradicating poverty are 1) Blow conch - shell daily in the morning and evening 3 times. 2). Always try to prepare your flour ( atta) on Saturdays during evening. 3). Help the needy and feed cows . 4) Do not sprinkle extra salt on food articles, while eating. 5) See that all of your family members foot-wares, shoes , chappals are placed properly or not, if improper or mixed with each other make them into pairs and place it properly . 6) Worship and have full faith in your religious symbols like Cross, Chand- sitare , Swastik, Om, Shree etc .7) Always give some complements in terms of money to your sweeper.

Remedies to avoid sickness; 1).Give ( ardhya ) offer water with red colour flowers to sun 2). Always wear a panch- dhatu bracelet . 3) Wear Rudraksha mala or Gomati chakra ring 4). Give charity to vedic brahmans especially donate gold or cloths with some amount. 5) Never eat after sunset . 6) Don't sleep in backward pose prefer to sleep towards left side of your body. 7) Wear mahamrityunjaya yantra or mahakali yantra . 8) keep a moonstone below your sleeping pillow 

Q. Give a few vastu tips to live peacefully.

Ans.1. Hang on the wall a picture of Goddess lakshmi pressing the feet of lord Vishnu , surrounded by other deities and saints, worshipping Mahavishnu in the North direction. 

2. Avoid keeping heavy load or shoes in Northeast ( Eshaan ) corner of your house or shop.

3. During evening , see that all your electric switches are on. Let light fall on each and every corner of your house ; avoid water leakage; throw away or repair the damaged electrical items. 

4. In the North side of your home/ office wall , install Silver KAILASH YANTRA along with KUBER YANTRA & SHREE YANTRA. This can reduce all vastu doshas and brings prosperity within a period of 1 year wharever may be your horoscope , or graha - dasha or vastu it really works . This is speciallity of our yantric healing therapy .

5). On occasions like Diwali, New year, Pongal etc., tie a beautiful red colour ribbon on your main entrance door .

6). During evening, light a diya ( lamp) and place it near your drinking water pot , after aarti- puja ( prayers) is done in your house.

7). Try to chant loudly the mantras taught to you by your Guru

Q. Please discuss one or two interesting case - studies , where Astro - cure suggested by you have worked wonders !

Ans. Generally, we never disclose the secrets of our clients , but as you have questioned me there are lots of special cases in which our yantric healing cured very fast and quick . One day a boy came to me he was not eligible for foreign Visa i gave him Visa yantra after worshiping that yantra after 3 months he went to that country and settled there.
Other case in which a person was having multi problems like debts, business, bad energies and litigations Yantras given to him were Kartvirya arjun yanta, Mangal yantra, Baglamukhi yantra and Sarvakarya siddhi yantra soon he experienced relief from that therapy and he is living peacefully his life. A 45 year old lady came to me she was never married also some doshas were present in her horoscope some remedies were said to perform with Lagnayog yantra , she started remedies along with worshiping Lagnayog yantra within 6 months she was married in her cast. Another of my client is former Miss - World she was suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, fear etc. She was given Jupiter gem and Rudraksha therapy also she underwent our highly special yantric healing ; now she is quiet fine, settled in her career , living peacefully in USA .There are many such interesting cases . The Almighty's Mercy through which my remedies has cured many a people .

Q. Please tell something about your Yantric healing also.

Ans. Lord Shiva himself expounded scientific and mystic tradition known as Tantra . A yantra is a visual representation of the mantra and that deity ruling that mantra.
Tantra believes that poison kills a man when scientifically cultured by physician , becomes the elixir of life, when sublimated ; it opens the door for salvation. While spiritual guidance may mean different things to people who practice different religions, the basics are usually the same . We at yantric healing provide answers to your queries related with remedial astrology and with the help of tantra mantra and divine yantras. 


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