Vaastu Tips

Simple remedies for prosperity

Vastu Sastra is mainly based on directional alignments, balancing of five elements, cosmological consideration, etc. It prescribes certain norms for sites and buildings, based on flow of energy. Adherence of these norms can definitely enhance the quality of the dwellers of the particular place.

Useful Vastu tips for House and Office premises



• Bedrooms should be in South and West.
• In Bedrooms, always use a bed of 4 (four) legs only.
• Face East, while cooking; West will be allowed, if there is no alternative, but never face South, while cooking.
• Never put the poster of a crying girl, war scene, crow, owl or eagle in the house; these are inauspicious.
• Keep cash and jewellery in the Safe or Locker, which opens in the North.
• Shoes and slippers should not be scattered all over the house, as this leads to feud.
• Your head should be towards the East or South, while sleeping.
• Pooja room should be in Northeast. All photos or idols should be facing East or West only.
• In the Pooja room, take care that the Idols brought from ancient temples in the desecrated form or otherwise should not be kept.
• Kitchen is best placed in the Southeast of the house, as southeast is the Agni Sthan.
• The gas burner should not be in front of the main door of the kitchen.
• Mezzanine floor in the kitchen should be in the West or South.



 • Premises of offices and factories are best, if they are square or rectangle (with the Size not exceeding 1:2) This gives all year round profits.

• If there are roads on all the four sides or on the North and East, it is auspicious and beneficial.
• C.E.O should sit in Southwest, facing East or North.
• Computer room should be in Southeast.
• Marketing department should be in Northwest.
• Floor of the shop or business concern should be kept clean and attractive.
• Presence of a tree/ pole or well in front of the shop causes Vedh, which is inauspicious. It creates problems and disturbances in the business; such Vedh should be avoided.
• For offices, a water fountain in the wealth area is best for continuous growth and success.
• Auspicious symbols such as a Swastik should be marked on the doors of the shop. Cash counter should be placed facing North. Cash box should never be left black or empty.
• A shop or a business concern is the place, where a person sits to carry on the process of sale and purchase of items or related transactions.
According to Vastu Shastra, the door (entrance) through which a customer enters is considered to be the face of the shop/business concern is auspiciousness should be known as follows:-

Facing North Growth of Wealth, Prosperity
Facing South Loss and hindrances, when stars are week (unfavorable)
Facing West Intermittent Profits and Losses
Facing East Profitable

 Vastu is very much importance in deciding the main entrance door. Entrance door should be North, East or Northeast of the house.


• The entrance door size should always be larger than the other doors of the house. Your front door must not directly face your back door, as energy that comes in to your front door goes directly out of your back door and the energy does not circulate in the house properly.
• There must not be tree or well blocking your front door, as this will block the flow of Energy to your house.
• Doors should open inside the room and not outside.
• Vast sastra advises that width of the door should be half of the height of the door.
• The main entrance door to the house should be made from good quality material and it should be bigger than other doors of the house. It should have a good design and should be painted. It should look impressive, compared to other doors.
• There should be no noise while opening the doors and windows, especially the entrance door; this blocks the career of the inhabitants.

 Windows in the house provide us with fresh air and light, to enjoy our life with. All the windows should be on the exterior walls of the house and not opening within the rooms.

• All the windows, bigger in size, should be in the Northeast; smaller windows should be in the Southwest.
• The number of windows in the house should be in Even numbers (when counted in total).
• The shops of all sunshades constructed above doors and windows should be towards the Northeast, so that the rain water must flow from Southwest to Northwest.
• There should be more windows in the East and North.
• The pooja room or the Mandir should be in the Northeast corner or the Northeast of the Property or the Northeast room of the bungalow.
• The pooja room should never be in the bedroom.
• The pooja room or the Mandir should never be in the basement.
• One should never use pooja room for any other purpose, like storage.
• Ensure that the toilet is not adjoining the pooja room, and not even above or below the prayer room.
• Never place any photographs of dead people in the pooja room
• The Deity facing the West and the person offering prayers facing the East are considered the best as per Vastu.
• Avoid keeping the heavy idols in the Mandir picture can be placed instead.
• Idols brought from ancient temples in the desecrated form should not be kept in the worship room.
• The idols should not be kept in the wall, by cutting the wall or touching the wall. They should be kept at least an inch away from the wall.



 • Attached toilets in the Northwest and West are permissible.

• The commode should face North South.

• Never build toilets in the Northeast, as Northeast is the abode of prosperity and success.

• Mirrors in the toilet may be on the North and East walls.

• Never use black color on the floor of the bathroom.

• Use light colors in the bathroom tiles.

• The slope of the flooring in the bathroom should be in the East or the North direction.


The bedroom is a place where one can be totally oneself. It is the room, where we spend most of the time to sleep and relax.
• The beds should be placed more towards to Southwest of the room, but never in the Southwest corner.
• One should sleep with head towards the south for sound sleep and better health.
• The lighting should be a shooting general illumination.
• Light should be planned in such away that it must create a light, romantic, relaxing environment. Table lamps or hanging lamp shades provides the room a very aesthetic look.
• The master bedroom should be positioned in the Southwest corner of the house. Beds should be placed in the Southwest corner of the room.
• Bed should not be put under a beam. One should never sleep under a beam. This will affect the health.
• Never keep God’s statues in the Bedroom. Vastu suggests paintings of natural scenes, and temples, Avoid keeping heavy statues in the Northeast corner of the room.
• Never keep a Fish tank in the Bedroom.
• Always sleep with your head in the South; this will give you good sleep. Never sleep with your head in the North Dead body’s head is kept towards the North. Mental sickness increases and there is a likelihood of reduction in the life span.

 Vastu for kitchen has been an important area of study since centuries. Hindus believe that a kitchen designed according to Vastu Shastra attracts health and happiness for the inmates, helping them live an abundant life. In this section we discuss the ground rules laid down by the system for kitchens.

Ideal Location:

The ideal direction for a kitchen is the Southeastern corner of a house. The second best choice is the Northwest of a house.

Best Directions For Kitchen Accessories According To Vastu

TypeBest DirectionPointers
Entry doorNorth,  East, or WestThe kitchen door must not be in any of the corners.
Gas CylinderSoutheastEmpty cylinders should be kept in the southwestern direction
Cooking GasSoutheast Corner
  • Gas stove must be a few inches away from the wall.
  • It must never be in front of the main door.
  • It should be placed in a way that the cook faces east when cooking
RefrigeratorSoutheast, South, North or  West
  • Refrigerator must never be in Northeastern direction.
  • If the refrigerator is placed in the southwestern direction, it must be a feet away from the corner.
Equipments (e.g.Heaters, Conventional ovens, Microwaves, ovens)Southeast or SouthEquipments must never be kept in the northeast portion
Storing RacksWestern or  Southern wallCommodities such as, grain, pulses, and spices, must be stored in the west or south.
SinkNorth-East cornerThe water source such as, water filter or pitcher, should be kept in the northeast.
Windows and Exhaust fanEast directionThe bigger windows should always be constructed in the eastern direction, while smaller ones must be towards south.
ClocksSouth or Southwest Wall-

Vastu for KitchenFlooring For The Kitchen

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Mosaic
  • Marble
Color Scheme According To Vastu For Kitchen

The color of the walls should be-

  • Yellow
  • Rose
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Chocolate

Avoid using the color black in your kitchen.

Things To Avoid

  • The kitchen must never be below or above a bathroom/toilet.
  • The toilet and kitchen must never share a common wall. Both the defects can have adverse effect on the resident’s health.
  • Kitchen must never face the main entrance of the house.
  • The kitchen must never be located in the North or North East as this can badly affect a person’s career.
  • As per vastu for kitchen, mid-north, northeast, mid-west, mid-south, southwest, and the center of a house should never be used for constructing a kitchen.
  • The Pooja room or temple must never be above the stove or kitchen sink as it brings bad luck.
  • Stove in the kitchen must not be visible from outside. 


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